Welcome to the Unseen!

I want you to dive deep within, let go of fear, let go of the past and find your true beauty, happiness and self. 

I may not have all the answers, I am no expert, but I hope I can inspire you to choose the best life through some of my experiences.


The ocean is everything I want to be.

Beautiful, mysterious, wild & free.

The Unseen posts

What Is Self-love?

 How do you start your journey? Self-love is not the desire to be prettier, skinnier or in any way better than anyone else. It is not when you do things for attention or “likes”. Self-love is not turning to others for comfort, affection, reassurance, approval, quality...

She is the ocean

The Oshean blog was created with the purpose of building a community of conscious women. Conscious of who they truly are, how they are in their environments and conscious of how they make others feel and if they are making their world a better place. Imagine trying to...