Hi, I am Leandra.


A stewardess living somewhere out on the ocean. I spent many years living in negative thoughts, with body-image issues and living my life according to the opinions of others! I was not content and the above affected every area of my life until I showered myself with self-love and found out who I truly am and knowing that SHE is enough. Safe to say that when you love yourself, every part of your life glows.

I have a great love for the OCEAN, hence it calling me out to live on it as a stewardess. I want to encourage stewardesses (or any female in a busy environment) to be leaders in creating the most positive environment. Realizing how unsustained the oceans are, gave me a deeper love for it and the desire to make a difference. Even if it is little!


And so Oshean was born, bringing my two passions together by creating The Seen and Unseen.

My aim is to build a community of like-minded women wanting to make a difference in their life and their environment.

The Unseen


My passion for self-love and inspiring girls all over the world to see the power they hold, formed from my own journey towards accepting my body and myself. It took me years to see my true potential and I wish I could have been fulfilled with complete freedom and happiness sooner! I learnt lessons through my experiences that I am passing on to make sure you too, embrace a fulfilled life and have the most incredible relationship with yourself.

The Seen

It is all that we are conscious about, and how we can make a difference. Proving that your self-love reflects on every part of your life. Talking about life as a stewardess (you can relate it to any career you are in), how you can be your full potential and a leader in your environment and focusing on being ocean sustainable by seeing the ocean needing the same love we need to give ourselves.