Join in on my adventures and learn from the experiences.

My name is Leandra and I currently work on a yacht, sailing around the world, whilst following my desire to build a community of positive and fearless people, on land and at sea.

I encourage people to live fearlessly, stand up for themselves and believe in their worth. Stepping into your true self and knowing that you are enough puts you in the correct headspace to take action from a place of high truth.  When you live fearlessly, every part of your life glows. It is time for you to realise this and live that life that you dream of.


With gratefulness,


Oshean was created to show you that your strength is as powerful as the ocean

My aim is to build a community of like-minded women wanting to make a difference in their life and their environment.

The Unseen


My passion for self-love and inspiring girls all over the world to see the power they hold, formed from my own journey towards accepting my body and myself. It took me years to see my true potential and I wish I could have been fulfilled with complete freedom and happiness sooner! I learnt lessons through my experiences that I am passing on to make sure you too, embrace a fulfilled life and have the most incredible relationship with yourself.

The Seen

Join in my adventures as a yacht stewardess. Learn a bit about the industry, how you can improve the environment you work in, or learn how you can show up and stand up for yourself. Just remember! Our self-love reflects on every part of our lives. If we can’t show up for ourselves, we can’t expect to do our best at work.