Clear blue waters, sunrises & sunsets, seeing the world and meeting new people.

Did I forget to mention scrubbing toilets? Whoops. That’s not a very attractive site and I probably won’t post about it. Never be fooled by what I and other people post on social media. Yachting is hard but if you approach it with gratitude and positivity – you should thrive from this industry.

Below are some points that I have learned from my 1st season, which has gratefully prepared me for the 2nd season. If you enter the season with gratitude and a positive mindset you will notice how much more fun you have and you will start appreciating the beauty of our industry.

  • Hard work – You are always on your feet, cleaning what may already feel clean, scrubbing toilets, lacking sleep and fighting stress. I am sure you can see how this can all boil over.

Grateful thinking: When you look outside you are surrounded by the beautiful ocean, sunrises, and sunsets. You are moving between different countries with the opportunity to travel to bucket list destinations and then being paid well to do this.

  • Drama – Like every yacht, yours will have its own drama. It is your decision to decide if you want to be involved with this or do you love yourself enough to not be entertained with such. Focus on more important things like working well and forming good relationships.

Grateful thinking: You must find your group of people. People that align with your values. Learn from other people so that you would handle a situation differently or avoid drama completely.

  • Patience & Tolerance – Because you eat, sleep and rest all in one living space things may become heated. You shouldn’t make anyone feel less superior than anyone else. You need to practice patience and tolerance. People are different with different habits, and ways of doing things.

Grateful thinking: Your crew becomes your family and the yacht becomes your home. It is made up of different cultures, nationalities, languages, and backgrounds so you are learning and experiencing so much if you are open to it. You are open to a whole new world.

  • Kindness & Space – Everyone onboard is dealing with their own personal things that you may have no idea about. You need to learn to read and understand people so you can give them space when they need it. You don’t know what is running through someone else’s mind, by being kind to them can help them in ways you may not even realize.

Grateful thinking: Being a kind person is always welcomed. Look forward to taking time to yourself as it is well needed in this busy industry. Be smart about how you use your free time and use it to fill yourself up so that you avoid being drained and to stay in tune with who you are and your values. You cannot perform well or be fully present if you neglect yourself!

  • Sensitivity – I was once rudely told I am a waste of space by a chef who disagreed with me trying to eat more plant-based. I could have sulked over it, but I chose to carry on with my life like nothing was wrong. If you are sensitive in this industry you will face challenges.

Grateful thinking: You do not need to be liked by everyone, you are here for yourself. You have the opportunity to make friends all over the world, not just on your yacht. Focus on relationships that are positive and that better you. Make memories with those people and with yourself.

  • You become your own home – You’re away from home and family. Completely out of your comfort zone. You need to learn to rely on yourself, your own intuition and own every decision that you make.

Grateful thinking: You discover who you are. You learn to trust yourself and learn that you are capable of doing so much more than you thought.

At times you may feel overwhelmed, you may have had a little cry session in your bathroom break. But you are learning to face reality head-on and not run from situations. No matter how you feel on the inside, you always have to show up. The industry is not for those who give up when times get tough. It’s about finding the positive in everything and the courage to stay, and by doing so, you are filled with an abundant amount of opportunities and great experiences.

Keep your head high and kill it with a smile because yachting is totally worth it.