The Oshean blog was created with the purpose of building a community of conscious women. Conscious of who they truly are, how they are in their environments and conscious of how they make others feel and if they are making their world a better place. Imagine trying to give love to others and embracing our beauty if we are blinded by lack of self-love? Imagine the ocean trying to show us its beauty if it is drowning in plastic.

I had a massive β€œAHA” moment when it clicked that any woman is as powerful as the ocean.

“Just like a wave, no matter how far we get pulled back, we come back greater”

Just like the ocean, when we are filled with polluting thoughts, we cannot see the pure beauty that we hold and can give. Therefore we link the need to limit waste from our lives and the need to clean up ourselves mentally to the need to look after our oceans and our own personal environments. The bottom factor? Self-love

Initially, every part of your life is run by your level of self-love. If you love yourself, you have the power to love others, the power to be kind to others, the power to be the best you can in any work environment, and the power to make decisions to help sustain the world as you are no longer ruled by the thoughts of what others think!

Living near (or in the middle of) the ocean is where my heart belongs. It reminds me of the beauty that we are constantly surrounded by. I am in the yachting industry, but this blog is for anyone wanting to better their life and be happier. I aim to encourage girls to live a fulfilled life through loving themselves which helps them follow their own path, understand who they want in their life, cope with and avoid drama, stand up for themselves, to be the best they can in any industry and encouraging women to be leaders and lead by example.

We will be looking to grow this community in every way. We will be asking women to share their stories of self-love and growth, to break away from the idea of β€œperfect” and to build a vulnerable and authentic world.

Lastly, remember we are the ocean and your biggest commitment should be to yourself.